I drove for the first time yesterday, which included driving to the farthest southern street in Austin to a friend’s house for a time of Praise & Worship, prayer, and a good campfire in anticipation of this Easter Sunday. I do not even know what song we were singing, but the Lord suddenly filled me … More GLORY

Why Me?

This whole process of a 3rd open heart surgery has been pretty easy. And peaceful. And I’ve felt endless support and God’s hand. But all of a sudden this morning, I felt a bit sad. When the doctor said I needed to wait until tomorrow to go home, I felt “out of control” of the … More Why Me?

Getting Close

Today was my last day of work until…well, I can’t even tell you! And I’ve very glad I had more to do than my schedule allowed because I had no time to think about being sad. I rushed out the door to go to a dentist appointment and just hugged my coworkers. “Until someday soon…” … More Getting Close

Two Years Ago Today

This day has been full of emotions. Two years ago today, on Valentines Day, I started this little blog to peel back some layers of my transition from New York City to Wichita Falls. I remember that day so vividly: sitting on my mom’s comfy couch with her toy poodle, Bella, anticipating just typing out … More Two Years Ago Today

Rest Vs. Fun

Up at 6:45 again. I promise this is the last time I will preface any blog post about my new supernatural ability to wake up at this hour. What a Super Bowl! I mean, I watched maybe 3 minutes of the game, but Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Coldplay, Bruno Mars – that was fun! I spent … More Rest Vs. Fun


When you find out you are going to be unable to do much of anything for an entire month, you very well may be like me and try to cram in every possible social activity into your already hectic schedule.For instance, my dad needs some computer help and I said I could meet up last … More Converse